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INFORMATION NOTE ex Art. 13 Legislative Decree n° 196 of June 30, 2003. In accordance with the Legislative Decree n° 196, of June 30, 2003, we wish to inform you that personal data supplied by the User will be gathered and handled by B.C.&D. using data processing and/or paper methods, to be used:


To gather and process personal data of Data subjects for the following purposes:
a) to gather preliminary or subsequent information to the conclusion of an agreement, including the economic and financial rating of connected risks or of other juridical relationships;
b) to fulfil obligations deriving from contractual relationship with B.C.&D.; to fulfil the correct conduct of contractual relationships and relevant obligations, to manage finance and accounting administration data and correspondence, also via fax and via e-mail, as well as to fulfil activities strictly connected to the compliance of reciprocal obligations;
c) to comply with obligations set forth by laws, by regulations or by EU laws
d) to perform functional purposes connected to the activities carried out by B.C.&D., such as the performance of:
- customer surveys, carried out by means of personal or telephone interviews, questionnaires, etc., regarding the quality of the services rendered;
- market research surveys and studies;
- informative, statistical or scientific activities;
- marketing, promotion and sale of products and services of B.C.&D., also using Data subject's name for publicity;
- public relations activities, carried out by any means.
It is not obligatory to provide personal data for the purposes stated in point d) and failure to provide them does not involve any consequence whatsoever. However, failure to provide them would make it impossible for B.C.&D. to keep Data Subjects up-to-date on events, conventions, promotion of new products and services or to provide the same with publications and with other informative material.
The data supplied can also be communicated to third parties and/or transferred abroad for the purposes referred to above. Data is made available only to the personnel who needs it for the activities and tasks carried out, by way of example without limitation, within B.C.&D., such as: external relations and commercial officers, accountants, secretaries, managers and officers of B.C.&D.. These persons, whose number will be limited to the minimum required, process the data in their capacity as “Persons in charge of the Processing”; they are specially appointed for such purpose and are duly instructed in order to avoid loss, destruction, unauthorized access or forbidden processing of such data. The owner of the data being handled is B.C.&D. - with registered office in Turin at 3 Via Teofilo Rossi.


In addition to communicating personal data of Data Subjects inside the Company, B.C.&D. may communicate personal data to:
a)supervisory bodies, or to other designated subjects, in accordance with their own requirements or set forth by local or EU laws, by regulations and by administrative procedures;
b)third parties that support B.C.&D. for the purposes mentioned in point 1, letter a) namely:
- banks and financial companies, professionals, external service companies, including persons in charge of debit collection;
- companies that print, pack and deliver communications to Data Subjects;
- companies that provide technological services. and/or data processing systems.
Names and address of these companies will be made available at the request of Data Subjects.
c)third parties carrying out support activities for B.C.&D., such as:
- third parties that carry out customer surveys regarding the quality of the services rendered;
- third parties that carry out information systems, statistical and scientific activities;
- third parties that promote and/or sell products and services;
- third parties that carry out market research and surveys;
- third parties that carry out public relations activities;
- companies or entities that manage Italian or foreign markets with whom B.C.&D. may enter into alliances and/or co-operate with, and also third parties that support such entities or companies.


Personal data of Data Subjects may be transferred abroad, even outside the European Community, for the same purposes stated in point 1 above, either by or without electronic or alternatively automated means.
Consent for transferring personal data abroad is optional for the purposes stated in point 1 letter c) above and failure to provide it does not involve any consequence whatsoever. However, failure to provide it would make it impossible for B.C.&D. to keep Data Subjects up-to-date on events, conventions, promotion of new products and services or to provide the same with publications and with other informative material.


B.C.&D. processes personal data of Data Subjects in a lawful and professional manner, so as to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information. The processing of personal data - which shall mean any operation provided for in the definitions under article 4 , letter a) of the Code – is carried out by manual, electronic or computerized means with organisational methods and logic strictly related to the purposes mentioned above. Data is kept for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or subsequently processed, in compliance with general principles and with provisions issued by the “Garante”.


In compliance with the Law, Data Subjects are entitled to the rights mentioned in art. 7 of the same Law. Besides, in compliance with the said article Data Subjects may ask for the access to their personal data, obtain a copy of the data processed, ask for their updating, rectification, integration, erasure or termination, where conditions occur or may object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data concerning them. Data Subjects may assert their rights by writing to B.C.&D. - Via Teofilo Rossi, 3 - 10141 Torino - Italy, for the attention of the Data Controller or Data Processor. Having read the above information note supplied according to the art.13 decrete 196/2003 and for the purposes above mentioned . Here you are invited to agree with the following.
1. to the use of data for the purposes listed in the point 1./ d);
2. to the communication of the Data with the entities listed at the points 2/b and 2/c and for the sole purposes there listed;
3. to the delivery of data abroad for the same purposes listed in the points 1 and 2, with or without the use of automatic or electronic means.