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GAS Industry

Our companies are operating in Italy, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan and other countries in the Middle East in various activities related to the Gas Industry.
Looking forward to provide you with all you need from the Gas Industry.


The following are the activities carried out by our companies in the Gas Industry

  • Gas Distribution Consultancy, Projection and installation (Gas Distribution“Turn Key” centralised and/or individual gas distribution projects);
  • Gas Leakage Detectors and Control Panels (fixed and portable) for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use; 
  • Gas Cylinders, Tanks both over and underground;
  • Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Gas Pressure Governors
  • Gas Valves (Solenoid Valves, Ball Valves, etc.); 
  • Gas Filters
  • Gas Measuring Instruments
  • Gas Vaporizers;
  • Gas Industry Accessories and Spare Parts;

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