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Business Consulting

We provide fiscal, administrative, legal and marketing consultancy services both Nationally and Internationally.

Business Control

We analyse the weakness points then advise the corrective actions to optimise the use of the available resources to achieve the preset business goals.

Business Development

We help in developing the business by assisting the executives in setting up, implementing and follow up the different strategies.

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Our team of European and Middle Eastern experienced Chartered Accountants, Legal Advisors and Qualified Engineers have been providing professional services to their clients for more than 25 years.

Guide Your Business in Foreign Markets

Foreign Trade
We provide a comprehensive service to guide your company to become part of a new market.
Export Office Set Up
We guide your company throughout all the necessary functions associated to the foreign trade to complete the set up of your export office.
Market Follow Up
We can carry on monitoring or developing what you have already achieved in a foreign country. Product marketing, project implementation, contract negotiations, etc.
Problem Solving
We provide local problem solving services associated to Financial, Legal, Fiscal, Administrative, Technical and Engineering, local qualified H.R..